Court-Ready in Minutes – The Time-Saving Benefits of HELIOS by Utility™ for Attorneys

For prosecutors, the long and winding road between the beginning and end of a court case is marked by a lot of hard work—and a lot of complexity. Some of it may be unavoidable, but modern technology is giving some attorneys a big boost on the rest. How? by helping them process digital evidence more efficiently with specific preparation and organizational tools. 

HELIOS by Utility™, designed specifically for attorneys, are helping prosecutors manage massive amounts of data. We recently talked about the importance of storing HELIOS data safely and securely. Now we’re unpacking how a DEMS platform can simplify and streamline processes in a way that can create massive time savings for you and your team. 

Maybe they’re deciding if a case should proceed. Or perhaps they’re managing the preparation process once it moves forward. Either way, prosecutors and their teams face a lot of labor-intensive work in their jobs – often on a tight deadline. Leveraging a robust, cloud-based DEM solution like HELIOS can transform the working lives of people in a prosecutor’s office when it comes to document preparation and organization. 

HELIOS comes with robust tools that help attorneys save time throughout all stages of court prep. This platform also helps teams keep everything under one roof, so to speak, as it stores all evidence associated with a case. This reduces confusion and helps mitigate the possibility of slip-ups that can result in security breaches, loss of evidence, or even an opportunity for a Defense team to claim tampering or otherwise pick apart a case. 

A DEMS solution offers functionality that makes evidence analysis and management easier, faster, and more secure. A digital evidence management platform can be far more than just a standard information repository, this type of system can offer evidence analysis and management easier, faster, and more secure. For example, AI tools for file analysis can be an immense help – significantly enhancing automating complex data assessments by speeding up the processing time and improving accuracy. Workflow management tools and customizable sharing options contribute further to time savings and team clarity, as can case organization templates. 

Creating and maintaining detailed policies governing data access can seem daunting, but it is critically important. DEMS tools offer significant assistance through chain of custody logs, which automatically note all activity associated with evidence files and case activity within the system. HELIOS provides complete activity logging from a single user’s viewing to any case-sharing activity with the Defense through the download of evidence.

HELIOS by Utility™ Explainer video

Beyond the features themselves, it’s hard to overstate the importance of having a single system with all these capabilities. Having a single pane of glass yields ease of access, information location and efficiency across the board. 

Utility integrated HELIOS (our DEM solution for attorneys) with POLARIS (DEM for law enforcement) to enable better, faster, more seamless collaboration between prosecuting attorneys and supported public entities. Cases can be created in POLARIS and shared directly into HELIOS, where prosecutors can manage it from there. 

The value to the prosecution of having case and evidence content directly available to them automatically is immense. It drastically reduces the time and effort needed to gather and organize evidence, allowing them to focus more on case strategy and legal proceedings. It also drives further efficiency by enabling prosecutors to work with agencies in identifying a standard format in which to provide case information. And it keeps agencies from having to engage in unsecure practices of using external media such as thumb drives, DVDs, and email.

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With the rapid increase in the amount of digital evidence in case development today, prioritizing a top-tier DEM system isn’t just an option; it’s imperative for successful prosecution. By leveraging the right DEM solution, prosecutors and their staff are empowered to:

  • Accelerate Case Workflows: Implement swift and effective case-building strategies that capitalize on streamlined processes.
  • Elevate Job Performance: Enhance the accuracy and thoroughness of evidence analysis with advanced AI-driven tools.
  • Uphold Impeccable Security Protocols: Safeguard sensitive information with robust security measures, significantly reducing the risk of breaches and evidence tampering.
  • Diminish Case Queues: Efficiently manage the influx of cases with optimized organization capabilities, easing backlogs and facilitating faster resolutions. 

Prosecutors, by harnessing the sophistication of a solution like HELIOS by Utility™, not only keep pace with technological advancements but also set a new standard in legal efficacy.

HELIOS by Utility™ Digital Evidence Management Platform Features

The legal landscape is on the cusp of a transformation, one that’s powered by technology. Integrate with all supported law enforcement and public entities for simplified case development, establish and streamline your organization’s workflows, and access in-platform AI-tools to increase efficiency—it’s your next step with HELIOS by Utility™. By onboarding a system like HELIOS, your team won’t just be keeping up; you’ll be leading the charge into a new era of legal efficiency and precision.

Let the days of overwhelming case development and uncertainty in evidence trails be over. With HELIOS, step into a world where every piece of evidence is at your fingertips, sorted and secure. This is where your caseload becomes manageable, your team’s collaboration becomes effortless, and your control over the data is absolute. Reach out for a personalized demonstration and discover how your legal team can become a model of modern-day legal excellence, setting benchmarks for efficiency and security.

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