ROCKET by Utility™ (formerly RocketIoT) is a state-of-the-art, in-car communication platform that takes situational awareness to a whole new level. With multi-dimensional capabilities and secure evidence-gathering automation, this video system incorporates real-time communications, policy-based automatic recording functionality, plus real-time GPS positioning during critical times.



ROCKET by Utility™ is an in-car control system for mobile connectivity. This router acts as local storage for all videos. It provides a reliable internet connection as well as automatic wireless video offload.


With built-in digital video recording capabilities, ROCKET by Utility™ powers up to four wide-angle cameras to capture the most critical moments and allows officers to record audio conversations as evidence. Officers can also hold their video cameras to take video evidence recordings of specific items or areas using the built-in previewer.


Suppose a check engine light comes on in the middle of an emergency. With ROCKET by Utility™ it won’t because the system monitors a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics with a module that shows engine performance, fluid levels, and so much more in real-time.


ROCKET by Utility™ is accessible through a tablet application or a web browser. It can quickly start/stop recordings, view storage details, and play recorded incidents because having access to data should depend on you, not your location.


Software-driven body-worn cameras and in-car video recording systems are easily configured to automatically start or stop based on an agency’s specific recording policies, promoting efficiency, transparency, and accountability.


Things happen fast. ROCKET by Utility™ makes intelligent, configurable decisions about when to start and stop recording when a combination of vehicle sensor events occurs.


ROCKET by Utility™ automatically reacts when entering a pre-defined geographical area (created manually or from CAD calls) or action zone.


The Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera receives BOLOs with vehicle information and gathers real-time evidence to enhance alerting capabilities.

ROCKET by Utility™ Product Sheet

ROCKET by Utility™ is one of the first-ever smart patrol car system that fully integrates video captured from both our in-car and police body camera solutions.

ROCKET by Utility™ in-car video system incorporates real-time communications, policy-based automatic recording functionality, plus real-time GPS positioning for the best situational awareness possible during critical times. 

Law enforcement agency customers will benefit from an enhanced user interface that is compatible with both laptops and tablets.

The innovative updates increase messaging capabilities across the system of vehicles and create modules that can be added to fit the unique needs of each agency partner, while improving upon the overall user experience.

ROCKET by Utility™ is compatible with an on-board diagnostics module that shows vehicle diagnostics, such as engine performance and fluid levels, in real-time within the user interface in the vehicle.

ROCKET by Utility™ is the only proven vehicle-grade hardware that provides in-car video, a networking platform that’s FirstNet certified and a built-in OBDII/CAN streamer in one single box.

ROCKET by Utility™ users are able to utilize a purpose-built, multi-use vehicle video camera designed specifically to support both the in-car video and the license plate reader modules, as the device was designed to work internally mounted as the dash and backseat cameras or externally mounted as the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera. Additionally, it has inward and outward facing LED lights built-in as indicator lights to help law enforcement officers validate when video is recording, and another newly added function includes a configurable push button on the device, which was a customer enhancement request.

The new purpose-built video camera device and modular software approach of the Rocket allow for improved integration across all Utility, Inc. products and services, including the EOS™ body cameras and the POLARIS™ cloud-based digital evidence management platform.

As part of Utility, Inc.’s commitment to its agency partners, the company is continuously working to innovate and improve upon its services to best fit the needs of customers and the communities they serve.