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Saving Time, Ensuring Security: HELIOS by Utility™’s Editing Tools and AI-Based Redaction

HELIOS by Utility™ Digital Evidence Management Platform Features
  • Face Finder: Auto-detects faces to simplify redaction.
  • Object Detection: Automatically detects license plates, driver’s licenses, and guns in videos.
  • Blur Options: Includes face blur, crowd blur, and blur all to protect identities.
  • Audio Redaction: Options like mute, beep, and incognito voice alteration accelerate audio redaction.
  • Duration Adjustment: Enables clipping the duration of video and audio files.
  • Title Screens and Watermarks: Adds titles and watermarks to files.
  • Manual and Automatic Redaction: Tracks and redacts additionally identified objects in videos.
HELIOS by Utility™ Explainer video
  • Face and Object Detection: Effective detection and blurring for videos.
  • Audio Redaction: Redacts sensitive audio information.
  • Document and Image Redaction: Includes cropping, blocking, freestyle drawing, text addition, and blurring.

About Utility

Utility, the innovative technology-enabled service provider recognized for creating groundbreaking digital systems for frontline professions, provides a universe of intuitive products for effectively capturing, managing, and releasing video evidence. Technologies include a variety of cameras, sensors, and devices, as well as situational awareness software solutions for law enforcement, first responders, campus security, transportation agencies, and utility providers.

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