Boots on the Ground: Understanding Fixed ALPR as a Tireless Investigative Asset

As technology continually evolves, law enforcement must harness every available tool to stay ahead of criminal activities. Modern technology offers powerful tools to aid in this mission, and one of the most impactful is the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system.

PULSAR by Utility™ offers fixed, mobile, and portable ALPR applications – Providing a head start on investigations and revolutionizing how we approach public safety and crime prevention. These systems act as tireless partners to our officers, providing continuous support and invaluable data that enhance our ability to protect and serve. Here’s a closer look at how PULSAR’s fixed ALPR systems are making a difference.

Simply having fixed ALPR cameras in place can deter criminals. They’re less likely to operate in areas where they know they’re being watched. This helps prevent crimes from happening in the first place, making our communities safer. When potential offenders see these cameras, they think twice before committing a crime, knowing that their vehicle’s information will be captured and logged.

PULSAR’s fixed ALPR systems collect a wealth of actionable data: vehicle license plate numbers, issuing states, timestamps, GPS coordinates, and images of vehicles. This data is crucial for investigations, providing leads and evidence that help solve cases more efficiently. The ability to quickly cross-reference license plate data with criminal databases accelerates investigative processes, allowing officers to focus on critical aspects of their cases.

One of the key features of PULSAR is real-time hotlist matching and alerts. When a vehicle associated with criminal activity passes by a camera, officers are alerted immediately. This allows for quick action, helping locate and apprehend suspects faster. Real-time alerts transform the way we respond to potential threats, ensuring that our officers can act swiftly and decisively.

PULSAR doesn’t just capture license plates. It also identifies the vehicle’s make, model, color, type, and issuing state. This comprehensive data from a single snapshot provides a complete picture, enhancing the quality of evidence for investigations. Detailed vehicle descriptions can be the difference between catching a suspect or letting them slip through the cracks.

PULSAR’s fixed ALPR systems can be installed almost anywhere: on traffic signals, overpasses, bridges, or near critical infrastructure like power plants and government buildings. This flexibility ensures continuous monitoring of vehicle traffic in various environments. The ability to deploy these systems in strategic locations maximizes their effectiveness and ensures widespread coverage.

These systems can run on solar power, reducing operational costs and simplifying deployment. Solar-powered cameras don’t need wired power sources, allowing them to be placed in remote or difficult locations, ensuring broad and sustained coverage. This self-sufficiency makes PULSAR systems adaptable to various terrains and conditions.

PULSAR integrates seamlessly with systems like POLARIS. This centralizes vehicle data within a single digital evidence management system, making it easier for all stakeholders to access and review comprehensive case files. Improved data sharing and investigative efficiency result in more coordinated and effective law enforcement efforts.

PULSAR’s fixed ALPR systems use advanced AI and high-definition cameras to ensure accurate data capture. Regular quality audits and system updates maintain high standards of accuracy. Stringent data security measures, including encryption and controlled access, protect the collected data. Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of this data is paramount to maintaining public trust and effective policing.

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