Navigating the Legal Landscape: The Importance of Secure Data Storage in Evidence Management

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When prosecutors seek to secure and maintain increasingly large amounts of evidence, the complexity is staggering. When they factor in the need to navigate the legal landscape around things like integrity, compliance, and confidentiality, complexity only multiplies. This is why more and more prosecutors have been relying on digital evidence management (DEM) platforms that simplify processes while keeping data safe. Best of all, these platforms can do it all under one digital “roof.”

Prosecutors have a lot on their minds, but few things rank as high on the list as maintaining high levels of data security. Given the stakes, attorneys are wise to lean into the latest technology and how it can benefit them.

For example, HELIOS by Utility™ is a robust, cloud-based DEM platform. It is CJIS-compliant, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud to ensure a secure data environment. Five aspects of HELIOS stand out as we dig into how it can help prosecutors securely store and manage their critical data. Let’s learn more.

HELIOS ensures high levels of data security from the outset, continuously maintaining these standards through automatic updates to the latest security patches. This automation is crucial in a landscape where security threats constantly evolve, allowing HELIOS to proactively defend against emerging threats without the need for manual oversight.

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HELIOS is a cloud-based technology that enables authorized users to access critical evidence anytime and anywhere. In contrast, on-premises data storage solutions tend to place a burden on the Prosecution’s IT department. Because of this, they will need to create their own disaster recovery plan while constantly monitoring and administering the security mechanisms and patches that keep data safe. This becomes an expensive – and resource-intensive – endeavor.

HELIOS integrates disaster recovery and data redundancy, enhancing a prosecution leader’s data security. This approach ensures that, even in the face of system failures, critical data remains accessible and secure, thus minimizing downtime and data loss. Utilizing advanced data protection and continuous data backup, HELIOS not only strengthens security but also keeps the Prosecution’s data consistently up to date. 

Additionally, its design supports swift and seamless data recovery, allowing the Prosecution to resume operations quickly without jeopardizing data integrity or security.

Revolutionize Evidence Management with HELIOS

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Multi-Factor Authentication visual. Sourced from Getty Images

HELIOS has a multi-factor authentication process, which limits user access and further increases platform security. This robust authentication framework requires users to provide multiple verification factors to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. By incorporating something the user knows (like a password) and something the user has (like a security token or a mobile phone), HELIOS ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data.

This multi-layered approach to security not only protects against common threats like password theft but also provides an additional barrier against more sophisticated system access, ensuring that the Prosecution’s data remains secure and private.

HELIOS by Utility™ maintains the strictest chain of custody for all platform, file analysis, and case management activities. The first-of-its-kind digital evidence management system streamlines the court readiness process.

HELIOS and POLARIS Integration: Elevating Data Security and Efficiency

Another subtle aspect of HELIOS that impacts data security is that it’s fully integrated with POLARIS by Utility™, our incident and evidence management platform tool for law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies can create a case in POLARIS and share it directly with prosecutors through HELIOS. Not only does this drive efficiency, but it also bolsters security by eliminating the need to use less safe external formats like thumb drives, DVDs, or email.

Aside from the enormous impact it can have on data security, a robust DEM offering like HELIOS can do a lot to make the life of a prosecutor – and we know how crazy that life is to begin with – easier and more efficient.

HELIOS simplifies things by:

  • Customizing workflow processes and management 
  • Providing AI-driven editing tools for videos, audio files, and images, and transcription/translation capability
  • Delivering a robust chain of custody on all file and case activity
  • Positioning you to more securely manage Discovery and FOIA requests 
  • Standardizing case file submittal and processes across supported public entities 
  • Enabling you to assign roles and allow permission-based access anywhere, anytime 
  • Helping connect the Prosecution with law enforcement, regardless of the agency’s technologies

The bottom line: Effectively using DEM tools can help prosecutors reduce case backlogs and be more efficient in managing their caseload.  

As we’ve explored, the advantages of incorporating a sophisticated digital evidence management system like HELIOS are clear. From streamlining complex workflows to enhancing data security, HELIOS empowers prosecutors to stay ahead in a demanding and ever-evolving legal environment

Don’t let outdated processes hold you back. Discover how HELIOS by Utility™ can transform your evidence management approach, drive efficiency, and set new standards for your prosecutorial work.

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