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Empowering Real-Time Crime Centers with Integrated Intelligence

Discover the power of STRAX Response with Utility, a groundbreaking platform that transforms Real-Time Crime Centers (RTCC) with a unified, real-time operational view. Unifying diverse data sources provides unparalleled situational awareness and swift incident response.

Includes integrated video feeds, sensors, officer location, and analytics for a complete toolkit in managing public safety incidents.

Access to live video and data feeds enhances situational awareness, aiding in swift and informed decision-making.

Advanced analytics and automated alerts identify potential incidents early, enabling proactive response and mitigation.

Robust workflow engine provides ability to preplan response parameters based on the type of incident. Recording capability allows for post event analysis, learning and improvement.

Facilitates real-time communication and data sharing across departments and agencies for coordinated incident response.

A secure, cloud-native infrastructure that scales with your technology, ensuring
data safety and system integrity with
CJIS compliance.

Designed to integrate future innovations seamlessly, keeping your operations at the forefront of public safety technology.

Enhance public safety by expanding your network through community partnerships and shared resources. Incorporate privately owned cameras into a community-wide surveillance network for broader, more effective monitoring.