POLARIS 7.1 Release: Unveiling Enhanced Efficiency and Digital Evidence Management

Utility is proud to introduce the latest enhancements to the POLARIS by Utility™ platform with version 7.1. This blog explores some of the new features that streamline digital evidence management, and improve overall efficiency. For a full list of updates, please contact our team at clientsuccess@utility.com

“While the platform is robust in functionality, each quarterly release consists of refinement opportunity and new components stemming directly from feedback from clients. Utility believes our clients to be partners, making their feedback and input an invaluable ingredient in delivering a rich platform”

 Susan Smith, Product Manager at Utility, Inc.

The newest 7.1 release brings a significant upgrade in efficiency tools directly addressing user feedback. One of the key improvements is the optimized access to case evidence, which has been a critical area for investigators, detectives, and evidence technicians. The update offers:

  • Full-View Case File Access: Users can now experience a full-screen view of case files, improving clarity and accessibility. This view supports easy navigation through files within a case using a new filmstrip scrolling functionality.
  • Enhanced Productivity Tools: These tools are designed to save time and enhance productivity, helping users stay efficient and proactive within their respective agencies.
POLARIS by Utility™ Explainer Video

Redaction of digital evidence is a time-consuming task that can significantly impact the workflow of agency personnel. With version 7.1, POLARIS has introduced:

  • Export Templates for Redaction: Users can create and apply standardized redaction settings across multiple files and cases, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in manual redaction processes.
  • Customizable Templates: This feature allows for the creation of templates that can be used immediately or saved for future redaction tasks, streamlining operations and maintaining consistency across cases.

The latest update extends the functionalities of digital evidence management, particularly in the transcription and analysis of audio and video files:

    • Enhanced Transcription Features: POLARIS now includes multi-speaker identification capabilities, with distinct color coding for each speaker and closed captions matched to speaker color codes for better clarity.
    • Language Flexibility: The transcription tool supports multiple languages, allowing for instant re-transcription in different languages at the click of a button.
    • Search and Edit Functions: Users can search transcriptions for specific words or phrases, navigate directly to the relevant parts of a video or audio file, and edit transcriptions as needed—all within the platform, ensuring integrity and chain of custody.

With these enhancements, POLARIS version 7.1 not only meets the evolving needs of our clients but also reinforces our commitment to improving efficiency and effectiveness in first responder workflows.

Book a consultation with our team to learn how POLARIS, the all-in-one evidence management system, will improve efficiency and transparency for your team!

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