Trends Shaping Law Enforcement in 2023

Law enforcement is constantly evolving to meet the needs of their communities, and the face of law enforcement is changing as technologies are being further developed to help officers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. As these new technologies are implemented at an unprecedented rate, agencies must keep up or risk being left behind.

What trends are shaping law enforcement in 2023? Here are four of the most important:

Body Cameras:

Body cameras are becoming increasingly commonplace in law enforcement, as they provide evidence that can be used in court and improve officer safety. As police body cameras become more commonplace, staying up-to-date on the latest trends in this rapidly-evolving industry is important. Here are a few of the most important trends to keep an eye on:


Predictive Policing:

Predictive policing is a data-driven approach to law enforcement that uses mathematical models to identify and target high-crime areas. Predictive policing is an emerging trend in law enforcement that uses data and analytics to prevent crime. By analyzing past crime patterns, predictive policing can help police departments deploy resources more effectively and prevent crime before it happens.

Still a relatively new concept, predictive policing is already being used by some police departments around the world. In the United States, agencies in big cities like Los Angeles and New York are using predictive policing to deploy officers to areas where crime is more likely to occur, and the tool has had a 90% accuracy rate, as one of the most successful examples of the technology.

Predictive policing is likely to become more widespread in the coming years, as police departments look for new ways to prevent crime. This is a growing trend in law enforcement, and it shows no signs of slowing down, as using data and analytics to predict where and when a crime is most likely to occur has been shown to be effective in reducing crime rates.

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Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS):

DEMS are used by law enforcement agencies to collect, manage, and share digital evidence, and they’re continually evolving to meet the changing needs of law enforcement agencies. Industry experts estimate that 80% of evidence involved in an investigation is now digital. From body worn cameras and in-car videos to cell phone evidence, digital reports and emerging technologies, the amount of digital evidence continues to grow, both in size and format, and the need for streamlined systems to manage data captured through these disparate devices is becoming paramount.

With this, more agencies will move to cloud-based digital evidence management systems, like Utility’s Polaris, in 2023. Cloud-based digital evidence management systems offer many advantages over on-premises solutions, as they are easier to implement and maintain, and they offer agencies the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. Additionally, user-friendliness and efficiency are also becoming more important in digital evidence management with agencies looking for systems that are easy to use and that will help them save time.

Cloud-based Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)- Polaris by Utility

Community Policing:

Community policing is an enforcement strategy that focuses on building relationships between police and the community, with a goal to make communities safer by working with residents to identify and solve problems. There are several different community policing strategies, and each police department tailors its approach to fit the needs of its community, including problem-oriented policing, community-oriented policing, and hot spot policing, all of which are supported by the technologies discussed here, as transparency and accountability go hand-in-hand with law enforcement technology. Learn more about digital management software solutions we provide.

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