Behind The Badge: Lisa Kling Juvenile Detective (Ret.)

Behind The Badge: Lisa Kling Juvenile Detective (Ret.)

Prior to joining the Utility team, Lisa Kling began her law enforcement career in 1996 with Harris County PCT 8 Constables Office and Pearland Police Department and then later joined the Pasadena Police Department in 2002.

Lisa joined the Utility, Inc. team as a Field Technician in 2023 bringing her wealth of knowledge in the public safety sector and her experience utilizing our life saving technology to help serve the agencies she once worked alongside.

Lisa sat with Utility’s Blog Editor to answer a few questions about her story:

Q: Tell us a bit about about yourself Lisa.

Lisa Kling pictured during her time working with the Pasadena TX Police Department

A:  I was born and raised in Pasadena Texas, and upon graduating from South Houston High school I enlisted in the United States Air Force. I served as a dental assistant/hygienist during my time in the military and was stationed overseas in England.

I began my law enforcement career in 1996 with Harris County PCT 8 Constables Office and Pearland Police Department before leaving law enforcement temporarily for a career in Information Technology.

During this time, I was a network administrator for an answering service and a trucking company. Having missed law enforcement, I applied with the Pasadena Police Department in 2002. I graduated first in my class from the 53rd Pasadena Police Academy and was also elected as the class president.

I spent most of my career on night shift patrol, during this time I was a Field Training
Officer, member of DWI Task Force and certified as a DRE and breath test operator.
In 2014 I became a Detective and was assigned the Juvenile Division and where I
investigated cases involving child abuse, sex abuse and was designated as the Sex Offender coordinator for the agency. I conducted forensic cell phone examinations and extractions which assisted other investigative divisions with major cases.

I was most recently assigned to the Data Services division where I was primarily
responsible for maintaining, repairing, and providing training for the in-car video and body camera systems. My interest and previous experience in IT assisted me in being successful in this assignment.
I’m an avid sewist and enjoy making handbags, wallets and quilts. I also enjoy traveling
in my RV with my two fur babies.

Q: What inspired you to choose the path of working in
Law Enforcement?

A: I would say helping people. 1 Peter 4:10 says “Each of you should use whatever gift you have
received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms”. I have wanted
to be an officer since the age of 10.

Q: What were some highlights from working in Law Enforcement?

Lisa Kling pictured with a juvenile she was able to help get into foster care while she was a Juvenile detective

A photo a juvenile made for Lisa Kling

A: My time as a Juvenile detective. Being an advocate and voice for children who were being physically, mentally and sexually abused was very rewarding.

The photo attached above is a juvenile that with the help of our counselor was able to get him into foster care at his request. This was 2014 and he was 16 at that time (now an adult.) He was being physically and mentally abused by his step parent after his biological father abandoned him.

He drew the photo for me attached to the left because “ I was his angel and saved him” That case meant more to me than any big arrest I ever made.

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Q: What has been your biggest “lesson learned” that you’d like to share with other Law Enforcement leaders?

A:  Law enforcement leaders need to care more about their people than they do data sets and
funding, and have a priority of morale over productivity. Be transparent with all the ranks in the
department by sharing information in a timely manner. Lead by example. If you treat your
people right they will work hard for you.

Q: What does Transparency mean to you?

A: Truth and Integrity. 

Q: How have you seen Technology aid in Law Enforcement?

A: It is vital for officers to have the most advanced technology available to assist in their job. They
are faced with many obstacles and have to make split second decisions. Any technology that
can assist in that is imperative.

Q:  What advice would you give to an agency that is going through the process of selecting a Digital Evidence Management System DEMS?

A: Take a hard look at Polaris with the integration of HELIOS at the DA office it is a game changer.
It is an all in one solution that makes sharing information seamless. Transcription, redaction,
chain of custody and much more, all in one place.

Never ask an officer to do what Technology can do for them!

Learn how Utility, Inc.’s advance Digital Evidence Management solutions take situational awareness to a whole new level for First Responders.

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