Utility, Inc.’s AVaiLWEB Evolving to Polaris by Utility™

Technology company introduces the upcoming iteration of cloud-based digital evidence management platform

ATLANTA (May 11, 2022) – Utility, Inc., introduced today the latest iteration of its cloud-based digital evidence management platform, which has been renamed to Polaris by Utility . Formerly known as AVaiLWEB, the new name accompanies the advancement of the technology which now allows for the intake of data from third-party body-worn camera and in-car camera systems, further streamlining law enforcement workflow, expediting the digital evidence intake process and ultimately ensuring that officers spend less time behind a desk and more time within the communities they serve.

Designed to enable agencies to gather disparate digital evidence into one unified view, the updated Polaris platform expands the types of data that can be uploaded and displayed to users with capability to manage video, audio, documents, photos, metadata, phone data, security camera footage and more. The advanced technology also allows citizens to upload data and evidence to the system if requested by investigators. Additional Polaris features include:

  • Transcription and Translation: Users can easily transcribe digital evidence with the technology that now also offers a robust range of translation capabilities powered by Amazon Wireless Services.
  • Share Links to Cases and Media: Officers can easily copy links to files or cases for easy sharing via email.
  • Video Conversion: Users now have the opportunity to convert video from non-proprietary formats.
  • Advanced Reporting: A new range of reports are available to officers including Top Incidents, Last Associated User, Total Incident by Classification, Incidents by Upload Date and Waypoint Status.

“Our team is always collaborating with law enforcement to understand how our technologies should be updated to continue to support the ever-evolving law enforcement landscape, and with Polaris we set out to consider all the ways we could make the job of law enforcement easier,” said Simon Araya, Chief Technology Officer at Utility. “The new features and technology make managing digital evidence – a time consuming task for officers who are managing more data than ever before – infinitely more efficient and effective, which means they’re able to spend more time in the community fostering trust and transparency.”

This latest technology, which will be available to agencies beginning in August 2022, expands upon Utility’s universe of products and operating systems, which supports more than 50,000 users with an intuitive platform for effectively capturing, managing and releasing video evidence. eos by Utility™, the company’s body-worn camera, and the Rocket by Utility  in-car video system incorporate real-time communications, policy-based automatic recording functionality and real-time GPS positioning to create the best situational awareness possible during critical times. Additionally, the recently introduced Helios by Utility™ gives prosecuting attorneys the ability to organize files from multiple agencies and disparate systems into one view as the only SaaS-based digital evidence management system that is technology provider agnostic.

About Utility

Utility, the innovative technology-enabled service provider recognized for creating groundbreaking digital systems for frontline professions, provides a universe of intuitive products for effectively capturing, managing and releasing video evidence. Technologies include a variety of cameras, sensors and devices as well as situational awareness software solutions for law enforcement, first responders and district attorneys. To learn more about Utility and its technology solutions, please visit utility.com.