Utility Associates wins Amazon’s 2018 Partners in Innovation Award

The Partners in Innovation award category recognizes APN Technology Partners implementing a program or service on behalf of a government or school district.

First responders are always at risk of task saturation when making split-second life-or-death decisions. Manually-operated body cameras and in-car video systems depend upon an officer remembering to turn them on. However, studies showed that officers failed to start video recording on manual body cameras 3 out of 5 times when policy stated video should have been recorded. Utility’s BodyWorn and In-Car Video systems integrate audio, video, and tactile AI to automate video recording policy rules. Gunshot audio recognition automatically triggers recording and smart saves pre-event audio and video whenever a gunshot happens close to an officer. Smart Holsters automatically start recording when a weapon has been pulled. In-Car Video AI automatically captures license plate numbers to support immediate analysis.