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Spotlighting Our Agency Partners Pt. 2

Pascagoula Police Rescued Two People Trapped in their Car due to Hurricane Ida Flooding.

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PASCAGOULA, MS. — Hurricane Ida brought in some major flash flooding in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The flooding was so significant that two civilians got trapped in their car. Luckily there were two Pascagoula police officers that we were able to come to their rescue. According to Pascagoula Police Department’s Facebook post, Officer Collier and Sgt. Murphy freed the two civilians who were confined in their car by Hurricane Ida’s flash flooding. Watch the full video at or by clicking the link below.

Source: NBC News

Clarkston Police Swear in Officer Donut as the City’s First Community Relations Dog.

CLARKSTON, GA. — The City of Clarkston Police Department was proud to introduce their newly sworn-in K9 officer during the National Night Out event at Milam Park. Sgt. Dustin Bulcher told the Tucker Observer the backstory on how this cute puppy became the community mascot. “I was flagged down one day toward the beginning of the month by a resident who said someone had dropped a box of puppies off at the Chevron gas station on Church Street.” Bulcher and another officer found three puppies but were only able to catch two of them. The officers brought the pups to the police department in hopes of finding them a home. One officer was able to take one of them home. After the office battled out who got to take home puppy number two, the department came up with the idea to keep her as their mascot. The department asked for citizen input to help them choose her new name. The options were either Donut or Clarke. They chose Donut as the perfect fit for her. Officer Donut will now be a part of the department’s community relations division and attend all community events.

Source: Tucker Observer

Evansville Indiana Police Department Gold Patch Fundraiser for Cancer Awareness and Research.

EVANSVILLE, IN. — September is childhood cancer awareness month. This month the Evansville Police Department sells their Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness Patch and Cops For Cure t-shirts. All proceeds will go toward the American Cancer Society to do further research, local hospitals to provide better treatments, and the families affected by this terrible disease. Anyone can purchase the Gold patches for $10 and the Cops For A Cure t-shirt for $20 at the Evansville Police Department Records counter. Did you get your Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness patch yet? Peyton Manning did.

Sources: Evansville PD Facebook

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