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Featured Article: IUPD Employs BodyWorn Technology

Author Laura Neitzel, with Police1 by Lexipol recently published “Why Indiana University PD employs advanced technology” which details how smart cameras and a sophisticated digital evidence platform helps inform decisions, promote transparency and keep officers, students, and citizens safer.

In the article, read about the challenges people face and how BodyWorn advanced technology provides a safer environment. BodyWorn Cameras and other technology enables real-time information and allows first responders to stay on top of events at all times. Learn how police forces rely on technology from BodyWorn by Utility now eos by Utility.

The CAD System and automation capabilities help keep officers focused and on response. See how IUPD takes advantage of the capabilities to stay focused on the situation rather than on remembering to activate a camera.

In the article, the author states, “The presence of body cameras has been known to encourage truth-telling by officers and civilians alike, but the data that in-vehicle technology and the unified evidence platform provides can shed additional light on a situation and help the agency be more transparent about findings.”

The eos by Utility platform (formerly BodyWorn) helps protect officers’ physical safety through features like BodyWorn Down and the foot pursuit activation feature. eos by Utility (formerly BodyWorn by Utility) helps you be prepared for the worst and provides multiple perspectives for a more complete picture.