Mission Critical Intelligence
reliable connectivity, video collection and management

The Smartest Police Body Camera Technology In the world

The Backup For Your Backup

We’ve got your back when things are at their worst. You’ll know where your people are so you can respond quickly, and they’ll have an instant connection to the support they need. With Utility's Evidence Ecosystem, you have the technology and guaranteed support for the toughest situations. Count on us to be ready when everything’s on the line.

This Bus Has No Stops.

High-speed transit, meet high-speed connectivity. Utility's Ecosystem gives commuters a constant, reliable connection with fast video uploads, which makes your line all the more attractive. Plus, your train, bus, or paratransit fleet has better security, GPS tracking, and high-speed connectivity for fare collections and real-time location reporting. Utility's Ecosystem makes it easy to be fast and smart.

Outage? Respond Fast.

With electric, gas, water, cable and telephone situations, rapid response is everything. Efficiency means quickly assessing the situation and getting the right people there. Utility's Ecosystem is ready and always connected, so you can see where your utility crews are right now. And they can get the real-time information they need to work safely and quickly. Outage? We’re already on it.

The Next Generation of Officer Worn Cameras Is Here

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It Just Works.

The Ecosystem is a mobile communications system that provides enterprise-class situational awareness, multimedia collection and management, remote configuration management, video offload and streaming and GPS event-based reporting. By pairing The Rocket IoT vehicle router with our other ecosystem elements, BodyWorn and AVaiL Web, we give you rock-solid, reliable connectivity, communications and video solutions.