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Accelerate Crime Resolution with TITAN.

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TITAN by Utility™

TITAN boosts situational awareness and speeds up crime resolution with a unified platform.


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In the complex landscape of modern city and county management, the demands for effective law enforcement and public safety are higher than ever. The TITAN platform by Utility, Inc. stands as a revolutionary solution to these challenges, particularly in the realms of situational awareness and crime resolution. But how exactly does TITAN make a difference? Let’s dive in.

Real-Time Intelligence

One of the most pivotal elements in emergency response and law enforcement is the “golden hour,” the critical window during which intervention is most likely to be successful. TITAN’s real-time intelligence capabilities significantly shorten decision-making time, enabling first responders to act swiftly and more informedly. Whether it’s an ongoing crime, a fire, or any critical community incident, TITAN ensures that city and county managers are not just reactive, but proactively managing crises.

Seamless Integration

TITAN isn’t just a standalone system; it’s a powerful enhancer to our flagship POLARIS platform. Its integration capabilities mean that data from various sources are channeled into a unified dashboard. This interoperability eases the burden on law enforcement agencies that often operate with fragmented, siloed data. It enables officials to make decisions based on a holistic view of situations.

Citizen-Engaged Crowdsourcing

Community involvement often makes or breaks a case. TITAN enables a unique crowdsourcing feature, allowing citizens to contribute additional evidence via URLs and QR codes. This forms a symbiotic relationship between the community and law enforcement, encouraging cooperative efforts for a safer neighborhood.

“Pay As You Grow” Flexibility

Financial constraints should never be a barrier to public safety. With TITAN’s flexible pricing model, cities and counties can scale their operations without overburdening their budgets. It’s an investment in the community that literally pays for itself in the form of reduced crime rates and more efficient public services.

In Summary

TITAN serves as a linchpin in modern community safety and security. Its versatile, single-source access to live and recorded video footage, combined with real-time intelligence and community engagement features, offer an unparalleled advantage in situational awareness and crime resolution.

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