Leading Police Technology Company on Track to Double in Size This Year

DECATUR, Ga., Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Utility, Inc., a leading police technology company, announced today that they are experiencing a record year in sales.

Over 50 new law enforcement agencies have selected Utility to provide their officers and vehicles with the BodyWorn™ and Rocket IoT™ video systems since January of 2018. These new contracts attribute to the company’s goal of doubling in size by the end of 2018. Exponential growth is expected to continue as Utility sees demand for their tech solutions growing domestically as well as internationally.

Utility has launched several game-changing solutions in the last several years that it believes are responsible for the dynamic shift from traditionally developed body-worn cameras (BWCs); those that are manually activated, use docking stations, and are magnetically-mounted to the outside of uniforms.

“What we are seeing is a validation of the type of technology we introduced to the market and a result of an educated customer,” says Ted Davis, CEO of Utility.  “We are three years into the proliferation of BWC technologies and we hear from customers what we said all along: that policy-based activation, wireless offload, and the functional fusion of technology to the uniform are all key considerations for a successful body camera program.”

Utility has also experienced a surge of in-car video subscriptions that it attributes to the interoperability of officer and vehicle-based systems. Utility defines this approach as the “Connected EcoSystem.”  

“Gone are the days where departments purchase third-party mobile routers, in-car DVRs, body cameras, and LPR systems from four separate vendors, all of whom own a piece, and none of whom hold singular responsibility for the interoperability of their systems with one another,” says Chris Lindenau, Chief Revenue Officer of Utility.  “We’ve simplified the approach and made officer and vehicle technology far more powerful by doing so.”

Below Some Highlighted 2018 Contracts:

  • Henderson Police Department (NV)

  • Torrance Police Department (CA)                 

  • Bartow County Sheriff (GA)

  • El Segundo Police Department (CA)

  • Sunrise Police Department (FL)

  • Washington County Sheriff (OR)

  • Lauderhill Police Department (FL)    

  • Cobb County Schools (GA)

  • Arlington Police Department (TX)    

In Q1 of 2019, Utility will unveil a new Center of Excellence at their headquarters in Decatur, GA for training agencies on the latest police technology and officer safety solutions.

Utility’s Complete Evidence Capture and Management System

Both the BodyWorn™ camera and the Rocket IoT™, singularly or in conjunction, utilize their unique communication capabilities to activate specific recording triggers that automatically initiate video recording. These triggers are set by the Department’s individual recording policies—including a built-in accelerometer, prone positioning, light bar sensors in concert with a door opening, rapid motion, GeoFence entry, etc.— and can be updated at any time via their video management system, AVaiL Web™.

The BodyWorn™ camera and the Rocket IoT™ system offer unique integration with real-time GPS reporting of officer and vehicle, an auto-related video for synchronized video playback, dockless evidence offload and more.