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What is the best body camera for modern policing?

The primary purpose of a body camera is to capture video and audio. In policing, a body camera is a wearable audio, video, or photographic recording system used to record events in which law enforcement officers are involved, typically with citizen encounters.  Although, just checking a box and purchasing any standard wearable camera is not sufficient when implementing a body camera program in a law enforcement or corrections environment. The team at Utility, Inc. understands that providing an advanced technology solution goes beyond only capturing footage.

How is EOS by Utility (formerly known as BodyWorn) different from other body cameras? 

Utility has ushered a new age in police body camera technology with EOS by Utility™ and was created with the intent to ensure all footage is reliably collected and securely stored. The steps of this process were thoroughly executed to ensure officer safety and community trust. All aspects, from the way the camera is mounted to the arrangement of the video files, are designed with attention to detail. 

BodyWorn is the only body camera that is proven to never fall off. The BodyWorn camera is mounted in a secure holster embedded inside a body armor vest, duty shirt, winter coat, or other garments with the camera lens fastened and aligned to provide a clear field of view through an opening in the garment. The unique design awarded Utility, Inc. with the United States Patent and Trademark Office issuance of patent 10,812,755 and aims to combat the prevalent issue of police body cameras falling off, especially in very critical situations. Therefore, BodyWorn™ is the best body camera for modern policing. 

Numerous notable features make BodyWorn what it is, although a critical reason for BodyWorn and Utility’s Ecosystem’s success is the input and feedback from Utility’s customer agencies. Besides the Policy-based Automated Activation, Immediate and Automatic Video Offload, WiFi HotSpot around Patrol Vehicles, and Unlimited Data Storage, a well-known and highly favored feature is Officer Down. Suppose an officer has become prone in the field and requires backup. In that case, BodyWorn starts an automatic recording, alerts all nearby officers, and sends a call-for-help message to AVaiLWeb that includes the officer’s GPS coordinates.

What is Utility’s Ecosystem?

Utility’s Ecosystem of solutions includes body cameras, in-car video, mobile routers, digital multimedia evidence management systems, and situational awareness software. All operate seamlessly together through Utility’s primary technology solutions EOS, POLARIS, and ROCKET.

  • BodyWorn is the most advanced police body camera, using artificial intelligence to create situational awareness, policy-based automated recording, pre-event recording, and automatic offload capabilities. 
  • RocketIoT is the only proven and mature communication platform with a seamlessly integrated digital media recorder in the market. A vital component of the mobile Ecosystem, the RocketIoT enables full, secure automation of evidence gathering. 
  • AVaiLWEB is a powerful, all-in-one digital evidence management system and virtual command center that can be accessed anywhere through your browser.

How does Utility’s Ecosystem assist in adhering to video recording policies? 

All agencies are required to define and outline a video recording policy that encompasses when and how to use their body cameras. For some agencies, there are state guidelines they are obligated to implement. Implementing a body camera program that can strictly adhere to an agency’s policy is essential for the success of a body camera program.

Utility recognized significant pitfalls with existing body camera technology and designed their system to address those issues. One of which was human error – an issue with the user remembering to manually press the record button while they are in the thick of a situation. Over the last several years, Utility has developed technology that can automatically activate an officer or deputy’s body camera based on predetermined situations, which directly adhere to that agency’s policy. 

An agency’s policy can change with time. Consequently, it is crucial to have an ever-evolving technology solution that can adapt to the changes and grow with the agency, including the community they serve. 

“As policy-based recording continues to become the new standard for body-worn camera programs, police departments benefit from improved policy compliance through the elimination of human error and implicit bias. Policy-based recording helps to ensure police chiefs have the video they need at the most critical moments and in full compliance with agency policy and community expectations. Policy-based recording via automation should be the new expectation of a department’s body-worn camera provider. Employing this advanced technology can increase public trust, agency transparency, and executive accountability in the communities they serve.” – Police Chief Magazine (source)

BodyWorn, RocketIoT, and AVaiLWEB form the ideal Ecosystem that assists with an agency’s policy-based automated recording. Allowing officers to focus on the task at hand while increasing the public’s trust by knowing all data is being collected and safely stored. 

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