Utility and STRAX Intelligence Group Partner to Deliver Integrated Public Safety Solutions

ATLANTA, April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Utility Associates, Inc. (Utility) and STRAX Intelligence Group today announce a strategic partnership linking Utility’s all-in-one digital evidence management system with STRAX’s real-time crime center platform and integrations. Together, they’re bringing to market a unified ecosystem enabling faster incident response using real-time intelligence and greater investigative capabilities to solve crimes more efficiently.

Combining Utility’s expertise in body-worn and in-car cameras with STRAX’s systems integration and workflow management empowers law enforcement to better monitor, analyze, and respond to criminal activities in real time, all while seamlessly managing and preserving a secure chain of digital evidence.

“During conversations with our partners in law enforcement, we heard the need for less siloed and more integrated technology systems that would save precious time and money for first responders,” said Michael Nark, President and CEO of Utility. “By teaming up with STRAX and combining our collective expertise, creativity and problem-solving abilities, we created an ideal solution for our clients all in one place.”

By integrating the critical functions of incident command and evidence management into a single platform with Utility and STRAX, agencies will benefit from:

  • Expanded Real-Time Intelligence: Increased access to the position of officers, live streaming of fixed and portable cameras, drones, marine vessels, license plate readers and a host of sensors, solving the challenge of navigating between disparate technologies.
  • Advanced Preplanning and Analysis: Robust workflow engine provides ability to pre-plan response parameters based on the type of incident. Recording capability allows for post-event analysis, learning and improvement.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Responders access critical real-time updates and incident reports from a centralized dashboard, facilitating collaboration, informed decision-making and adaptable strategies.
  • Accelerated Investigation: The unified platform provides responders the ability to capture, document and manage evidence throughout incident response, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in gathering critical information.
  • Resource Optimization: Leveraging this technology, law enforcement can ensure optimal deployment of personnel, equipment and resources to areas of highest need
  • Chain of Custody & Reporting Compliance: Minimizing the transfer of data between platforms maintains the integrity of evidence and enforces the digital chain of custody, ensuring compliance with reporting standards.

On the partnership, Scott Adams, CEO of STRAX Intelligence Group shared, “This collaboration is a game-changer within the public safety sector. By combining our RTCC solution with Utility’s evidence management system, we are creating a unified system that dramatically improves how agencies respond to and manage public safety incidents.”

The partnership between Utility and STRAX marks a transformative movement for both entities, as they join forces to integrate cutting-edge technology to further improve law enforcement’s incident-response capabilities. This collaboration is propelled by a strategic investment from Greater Sum Ventures, underlining a shared commitment to advancing technology solutions for law enforcement officers and government agencies. To explore how these integrated solutions can benefit your agency, please visit STRAXwithUtility.com for more information.

About Utility Associates, Inc. (Utility)

Utility specializes in advanced technology solutions tailored for the vital work of first responders and public safety professionals. With a concentrated focus on law enforcement, Utility’s reach extends to correctional institutions, educational campuses, and legal practitioners within county and municipal jurisdictions. Utility offers a robust digital evidence management system that centralizes body-worn cameras, in-car videos, and automatic license plate recognition technologies. This innovative platform fosters efficiency and integration in evidence handling, promoting enhanced legal outcomes and community protection. Based in Decatur, GA, Utility is committed to pioneering solutions that support the heroes on the front lines. For an in-depth look at Utility’s contributions to public safety, visit our LinkedIn page or utility.com.

About STRAX Intelligence Group

STRAX Intelligence Group provides a common operating platform designed for real-time crime centers and incident response. By unifying priority alerts, video and communication tools into one map-based view, the STRAX platform allows public safety agencies and private security organizations to improve collaboration across agencies and command structures for a faster, more coordinated response. Integrated public, private and manned/unmanned video feeds increase situational awareness and real-time access to nearby cameras in a single operational view, enabling expedited decision making and enhancing officer and community safety.

About Greater Sum Ventures (GSV)

Greater Sum Ventures (GSV) is an entrepreneurial family office that invests its own capital in middle market software and tech-enabled services companies. With entrepreneurial roots and strong operational and investing experience, GSV works with select independent co-investing partners to build platforms of technology companies that revolutionize the industries they serve. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, GSV provides access to capital and operational support to midmarket technology firms all over the world. To learn more, visit GreaterSumVentures.com.

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