Company introduces three products at an industry tradeshow, reflecting focus on collaboration with law enforcement agency partners.

“When it comes to evidence management technology, needs are constantly evolving,” said Michael Nark,
President and Chief Executive Officer of Utility. “Especially within law enforcement, agencies and the
communities they serve expect more from this technology, and when you consider that 80% of the evidence
involved in an investigation is now digital, and agencies are looking for technologies that make data collection
and management as efficient, effective and secure as possible. As a company, we are evolving along
with our law enforcement agency customers, making sure we offer technologies that give them the
opportunity to spend more time in the community fostering trust and transparency.”

In 2022, Utility introduced a comprehensive rebranding initiative to complement the company’s
accelerated growth—the company saw a 26.75% increase in year-over-year revenue in Q2 alone. At the
forefront of the brand’s evolution is ongoing product developments that align the company’s
expansive—and growing—universe of innovative products and operating systems. Continuing this focus,
the following products are being unveiled at the show.

While at IACP Conference, agency representatives will have the opportunity to engage with the Utility
the team at Booth #7816 and experience first-hand the full roster of impactful, force-multiplying technologies
available from the company.