Utility, Inc. Experiences 160% Contract Bookings Growth In 2020 And Meets Customer Needs With Product Innovation

Company sees increased demand for patented automatic recording video technology

ATLANTA, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Utility, Inc. announced record contract bookings growth in 2020 with more than $39 million in signed agreements through the first three quarters of the year, a 160% increase over the same period last year. Recurring revenue has grown more than 40% this year as the company added contracts with more than 50 new partner agencies across the United States. Contract backlog stands at an all-time high and there are now more than 50,000 connected devices on the platform. As the company advances into Q4, Utility, Inc. has major new contracts and expansions in its pipeline, including proposals for agencies in markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Houston, St. Louis and Washington, D.C.

The company has also announced several forthcoming product updates and innovations. The most notable being a new purpose-built camera that is meant to integrate into the existing RocketIoT™ in-car video system. The new camera is still in the final stages of branding but uniquely represents the first camera product designed in-house by Utility, Inc. to meet the needs of current and future customers and to fully integrate with the BodyWorn™ ecosystem of devices. The camera will also be multi-use and function as either an indoor dashboard camera or attach to the outside of the vehicle as an Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR).   

Another product innovation from Utility, Inc., the Active Shooter Response Technology (ASRT), will begin testing later this fall with the Noblesville Indiana School District and Lawrence Indiana Township. The ASRT includes devices that are installed strategically throughout school settings to actively listen for gunshots. Once detected, the ASRT transmits a secure communication to the AVaiLWeb™ cloud-based system, sending instant messages to notify administrators and law enforcement.

“Our growth has allowed us to become a trusted partner to agencies across the country, and we support them not only with our current offerings but also by listening to their feedback to develop innovative solutions that meet the future needs of law enforcement,” said Michael Nark, President and CEO of Utility, Inc. “We expect to have a solution for every problem, growing our ecosystem of devices to meet the daily technology needs of law enforcement across the country. Our results so far in 2020 show that the demand for our current devices is already high, and we expect it to increase with each new product and software update moving forward.”

One of the most utilized devices in the Utility, Inc. portfolio is the BodyWorn™ camera, which is designed to be embedded in law enforcement uniforms within a patented mounting system to prevent the devices from coming loose or falling off. BodyWorn™ camera technology utilizes artificial intelligence to create situational awareness for users, and it offers newly patented features like a two-minute buffer, which allows for two minutes of video from before the camera is turned on to be saved in each recording, as well as numerous automatic recording triggers designed to remove the burden of turning on the camera from the officer. Each of the triggers is policy-based to meet the specific needs of each agency partner.

The Utility, Inc. ecosystem includes a variety of cameras, sensors and devices as well as situational awareness software solutions for law enforcement, transportation agencies and utilities. To learn more about Utility, Inc. and its technology solutions, please visit bodyworn.com.

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