Perry Co. Sheriff’s Office now equipped with body cameras

By Jared Goffinet and Aria Janel

PERRY CO., Ind. (WFIE) – The county sheriff’s office has received some new equipment just before the holidays.

The Perry County Sheriff’s Office now has body cameras.

“Why have an officer do what technology can do for them,” said Utility Incorporated Training Manager Bert Jean.

The sheriff hopes by adding these cameras it will not only keep his deputies safe, but will allow them to be more transparent with the community.

“No doubt about it, I wish I had it when I was an officer,” said Sheriff Alan Malone.

With the body cameras, you can see exactly what happened during an incident, something not possible for Perry County deputies until Friday.

“It’s always on the officer’s word, and the report they do, and the witness statements, kind of everything goes together,” said Sheriff Malone “But with the body cameras its gonna be like they are there and they’ll be able to see it first hand, what took place”.

Deputies had their last training session with the cameras on Friday.

SOURCE: 14 News