Marshal’s deputies in DeKalb to wear body cameras

The DeKalb County Marshal’s Office has become the latest local law enforcement agency to implement a body-worn camera program.

Each of the office’s deputies will be assigned a camera, typically worn in an outer vest carrier. The cameras will be turned on whenever a deputy is called out for service. The Marshal’s Office includes more than 20 deputies who are responsible for carrying out orders of the DeKalb state and magistrate courts.

Typically, that includes delivering lawsuits in civil matters, carrying out court-ordered evictions and serving bench warrants.

“The implementation of the body camera program was a priority for the Marshal’s Office as it is an important step to enhance officer safety,” Marshal Richard Berkowitz said in a statement. “It also helps to maintain the trust and transparency that the public deserves from a law enforcement agency.” 

According to the statement, the Marshal’s Office took lessons from other law enforcement agencies in crafting its program, which was implemented this month.

Video and audio from the cameras can be downloaded almost instantly. The devices also allow tracking of the deputies and their vehicles through GPS.

Some DeKalb County School District officers and DeKalb police officers are already outfitted with body-worn cameras.


Photo: AJC file

The Marshal’s Office is responsible for implementing directives from the DeKalb County State Court and Magistrate Court.

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