Nathan Teodoro utility inc

Nathan Teodoro

Business Manager



Who I am, where I’m from:
I'm Nathan Teodoro, I'm located in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania.

What ties me to my region:
I have been working with the Great Lakes states and PA since 2006 for public safety technology vendors and enjoy helping those who serve our nation by matching the best technology and resources to those who need them!

A bit about myself:
I enjoy teaching and learning, have certifications in numerous IT disciplines, and taught hundreds how to use technology, how to sell, and how to gain confidence by learning to defend themselves (martial arts instructor). Most of all, I enjoy being a parent to two (now grown) children and spending time with my wife and numerous pets. Professionally, I most enjoy working with a great team and achieving our mutual goals.

Why should agencies choose Utility, Inc.:
I love Utility Inc. because of our singular focus on being the best technology solution company on the market. We have adapted technology to meet the needs of our customers in law enforcement, corrections, district attorney/prosecutor offices, security, and education by listening, and we are delivering the best value and highest customer satisfaction on the market.

What inspired me to select a path working in the public safety sector:
I worked as a civilian police systems administrator for a medium-sized law enforcement agency for almost seven years and quickly grew to love and respect those men and women with whom I served. When my circumstances took me into the private sector, my primary goal was to work for the best companies and provide the best products and solutions on the market.

What does Transformative Transparency mean to me:
Transformative Transparency means utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enable proactive enforcement of critical facilities, and to automate our camera solutions to reduce the need for users to interact with cameras and provide the public with the assurance that critical incidents and use of force interactions are always securely monitored by an impartial witness (the camera).

Why should you trust Utility:
Since 2001, Utility has been continually improving and transforming itself to adapt to the market's changing needs. I continually speak with existing clients who are so happy with our services and support and have grown to rely on our solutions. My trust in Utility has only grown as I have continued to watch them invest in great people and resources to make the user experience even better.

The biggest lesson learned I’d like to share with Public Safety Leaders:
Clearly define the result desired, and then rely on your trusted advisors inside and outside of their agencies to hash out possible solutions versus staying with the status quo. I have been amazed by the innovative thinking that comes because of challenging stale thinking and focusing on the end goal.