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Mark Osborn

Business Manager

North TX, AR, MO, KS, OK, CO


Who I am, where I’m from and my Sales Region:
My name is Mark Osborn. I’m originally from Indiana, but moved to Fort Worth, Texas a few years ago.

What ties me to my region:
The warm weather. It was an option when I was retiring and coming to work for a utility, either Denver or Texas. It was the easy decision, a lot less snow in Texas… haha.

A bit about myself:
I’m a Retired Captain Lawrence PD with 25 years of service including, SWAT, Detective, FOP VP.

I enjoy working with progressive minded Chiefs and Sheriff's to make positive changes that solve problems at their agencies.

Why should agencies choose Utility, Inc.:
Utility is providing technology and solutions for problems. We're not just a button or easy button fix. It is a full solution that is going to solve problems for your agency. At the same time, we can save lives for officers, too.

So we're doing more than just providing solutions. We're actually saving lives at the same time.

What inspired me to select a path working in the public safety sector:
Choosing this path was pretty easy for me. I was raised by good parents, good network, a family that always push to help one another, help other people. So when the time came to go into law enforcement, it was an easy transition of service and continuation of all those little things that I learned growing up.

What does Transformative Transparency mean to me:
I think the simplest way to explain it, especially in our terms in law enforcement, is we are very hesitant to change. But as we have seen, the culture around law enforcement has been demanded to change by the public. So trying to embrace that change has been a hard hurdle.

But in the same, it will also debunk those narratives that law enforcement are all bad. It's going to capture the good things we're doing and 99.9% of the time.

Why should you trust Utility:
There are always lessons to be learned. I think embracing technology that it is there to solve problems and be a solution versus just a check of the box and saying, hey, we did it. We got body cameras, let's move on.

That isn't resolving anything. Agencies have tough problems and we offer a solution that can solve those tough problems and once again save officers lives.

At the same time, Utility Inc is providing technology. We're providing officer safety. We're

offering top tier customer service. And you're not having to give up anything to get all three of those. And I think that's a huge win for us that we can perform at the top level for all those things that are important to law enforcement agencies.

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