Clay Campbell

Clay Campbell

Business Manager



Who I am, where I’m from and my Sales Region:
My name is Clay Campbell, and I am from originally from Louisiana but currently reside in Texas.

What ties me to my region:
I was born in Louisiana and I've lived most of my life between those two states as well as my career in law enforcement in the Houston area.

A bit about myself:
I’m a highly decorated and honorably retired law enforcement officer with a demonstrated history of success, leadership and critical decision-making skills that I’ve enhanced with extensive experience in Sales and Business Development.

Why should agencies choose Utility, Inc.
Agency should seriously consider Utility Inc based on the fact that we are the most advanced solution in the body worn camera industry that can save officers lives and bring true transparency to their agency.

What inspired me to select a path working in the public safety sector:
I was inspired to public safety just based on doing something larger than myself. I feel like that there's enough of the world of people taking advantage of one another, and it was a place and an opportunity for me to make a difference.

What does Transformative Transparency mean to me:
Transformative transparency is a bit like integrity. It's about having the courage to look within and being honest about what you find. So if you truly want transparency, then you have to seek technology that will give it and truly allow yourself to be examined in that way.

Why should you trust Utility:
Agencies should absolutely trust utility. We were founded by retired law enforcement and military. We have a lot of our our representatives are former law enforcement. And everybody at the agency believes that their efforts put a little piece of them out in the field every day.

But the officers on the front line and we take that very seriously.

The biggest lesson learned I’d like to share with Public Safety Leaders:
The biggest lesson I've learned that I think every public safety leader should know is that you are never completely done searching for new technology until you've exhausted all possible efforts.

It's so important that you don't get caught up believing that you've seen it all or you understand it all, but leave yourself open to be exposed to new things and make sure that the people that you're accountable to that, that are on those front lines get the absolute best that you can find.

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