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Utility: Creating Space for Growth

The Utility Brand is getting a Facelift

Same Innovation with a New Look! Utility’s Marketing and Creative Director, Kristen Jaynes, shares key elements of Utility’s upcoming Rebrand during this week’s Coffee Talk.

Why the Rebrand? Why now?

“Those are both very good questions. And so there’s a lot of things that we took into consideration. There was some issues that we’ve had over time that we’re just trying to correct. We wanted to take a look at who we are and kind of just redefine that and position ourselves better for the future.

We are an innovative technology company. We are constantly striving to make a better solution set for our client base so that they can be more productive, more efficient and everything. That was something we were looking at.

Additionally our product line of product names didn’t really have a very clear naming convention and so there was a little bit of confusion. It doesn’t show the cohesiveness of how the products actually work well together. And so that was something else that we considered.

I mean we’re again, like I said, an innovative technology company, we’re constantly creating new solutions for things and we just needed a better path for the journey that we’re on.”

What’s changing and what’s staying the same?

“Nothing’s changing about the company. We’re still calling ourselves Utility. We’re still the same company. Same innovations that we’re just putting a new look on it, putting a new theme around it just to kind of drawin all that cohesiveness. So Utility is Utility.

The logo is changing, we’re changing the names of all of our products so that they’re more streamlined as we are positioning ourselves for better growth. We needed a better naming convention for all those products so that we can clearly define how they all work together.

So the way that we’ve been talking about our products and solutions currently is it’s our ever evolving ecosystem. While our ecosystem is about to expand, we are opening up our AvailWeb platform to ingest different types of data, not only from other body cameras and car video, but also from surveillance cameras from phone dumps, from documents and images and all of the different things that are part of an evidence case.

AvailWeb is going from AvailWeb to Polaris which I’ll get to in a minute but essentially you know we’re just expanding to this whole universe of solutions.

Our product lines are all gonna get renamed and the way that we have done this is through the celestial theme kind of hinging on that ‘space for growth’ idea but also ties back to our original Rocket solution.

Our Rocket was known or is still known for moving data at high speeds. Playing off of those two different things, we decided to to do our naming convention along the lines of that whole celestial theme.

AvailWeb is going to be called Polaris, Polaris is the northern star to which you can count on for guidance and that’s what we are expecting that our clients will be able to do as well using that solution.

Our Body Worn system is going to be called Eos by Utility. Eos is the personification of the dawn. It all ties back to the celestial space for growth theme that we’ve been talking about.

The new product that we have coming out is called Helios and it is a District Attorney portal for case management, evidence management. All of that data that we’re collecting through our body cams and our in car video and everything else, the end user of that is the prosecutors and you know, it needs to be used for court as evidence and so that’s where we are gearing up towards.”

What does this rebrand mean for me?

“Yeah, that’s a great question. For you, it means that you’re working with a company that’s committed to our future.

We are trying to better position ourselves so that we can help build that client base of ours but also make it more obvious how everything works together and that it does supports each other and works together essentially right out of the gate.

Not really anything is gonna change for you as far as the products that you’re using. You’re still using Utility solutions, the names. We’re just starting the evolution of the product names changing over to what they’re about to be.

You won’t really feel much of a change right up front. It’s just, you know, we’re just really better positioning ourselves at this point.

When can we expect the rebrand to take place?

“The week of May 9th, we’re gonna be launching our new product, which is called Helios. It’s our district attorney portal for case management and evidence management.

Essentially all of that data that we’re collecting through our body cams and our in car video, all of that digital evidence. The end use case of it, the most important way that it’s being used is in court. And so we have seen that there is a need for that type of a system for district attorneys and prosecutors.

We’ve been working closely with a very large county prosecutor office or district attorney’s office and building out this product to well serve their needs.”

Where can we get more information about the rebrand details?

There’s a couple of places. Subscribe to our newsletters. We are sending out updates as they’re coming out, you know, not too frequent, but definitely a good amount of content coming out there.

Also through our social channels. Follow us on any of our social channels. FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram are our primary ones. They can get that information that way or if they have any direct questions for us, they can email us at marketing@utility.com.

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