Utility, Inc. Unveils Major Advancements with POLARIS 7.0

New technology introduces groundbreaking innovations in law enforcement incident and evidence management.

ATLANTA (มกราคม 24, 2024) Utility, Inc., a leader in technology development for frontline professions, is
announcing the launch of POLARIS 7.0, the latest version of its cutting-edge cloud-based incident and evidence
management platform. POLARIS 7.0 makes a significant leap forward in functionality, seamlessly connecting incident capture, situational awareness, evidence analysis and secure case sharing, all within a robust and unified platform.

Utility’s commitment to revolutionary technology continues with the unveiling of POLARIS 7.0, bringing forth
enhanced capabilities for observing, collecting, analyzing and sharing digital evidence, from advanced media editing and redaction to comprehensive in-field operational support. This progressive technology elevates digital evidence management by boosting efficiency through features like automatic case generation using CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) or case numbers, utilizing case folder templates and incorporating AI assistance for addressing case questions, summarizing media and conducting sentiment analysis.

Key features of POLARIS 7.0:

  • Media Editing and Redaction: Users can now edit and redact media seamlessly, including content from body cameras, in-car video cameras, third-party sources, and citizen-provided evidence.
  • Bulk File Uploading: A secure bulk file uploading tool allows for seamless transfer of folders and evidence files directly into a case, regardless of the number of files or file sizes.
  • Mobile Application: Utility introduces a mobile application, empowering investigators to work on their cases directly through agency-provided mobile devices.
  • Alerts and Notifications: POLARIS 7.0 enhances officer safety with real-time alerts and notifications, facilitating communications for BOLOs (Be On the Lookout) and ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) hotlist infractions.
  • Camera Integration: The platform supports streaming and viewing of DOT cameras and fixed cameras within the interface, proving situational awareness with playback and evidence clipping options for fixed camera feeds.
  • In-Application User Chat: Includes an in-application user chat function, streamlining team communication for quick and easy collaboration.

“This cutting-edge solution reflects our dedication to providing law enforcement professionals with the most advanced tools available,” said Simon Araya, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Utility, Inc. “We understand the unique challenges law enforcement faces daily, and the advancements provided by POLARIS 7.0 ensure they have the technological edge needed to protect and serve their communities with excellence.”

This latest technology expands upon Utility’s universe of products and operating systems, which supports more than 72,300 users with an intuitive platform for effectively capturing, managing and releasing video evidence. EOS by Utility™, the company’s body camera, and the ROCKET by Utility™ in-car video system incorporate real-time communications, policy-based automatic recording functionality and real-time GPS positioning to create the best situational awareness possible for officers during critical times. Additionally, the recently introduced TITAN by Utility™ grants law enforcement access to IP cameras, videos and data to enhance community safety, streamlines incident investigation and facilitates suspect apprehension through advanced technology.


Utility, the innovative technology-enabled service provider recognized for creating groundbreaking digital
systems for frontline professions, provides a universe of intuitive products for effectively capturing, managing and releasing video evidence. Technologies include a variety of cameras, sensors and devices as well as situational awareness software solutions for law enforcement, first responders, campus security, transportation agencies and utility providers. To learn more about Utility and its technology solutions, please visit utility.com