Gain efficiency and cost savings due to ability to:

• Track people/assets in real time.

• Capture video and photos to confirm inspections, or gather evidence of
potential issues.

• Add audio narrative to inspection video and then have it transcribed to summarize inspection and key findings.

• Ability to live stream from inspection site if needed.

• Flexible settings to define record retention policy.

Gain safety and operational improvements due to ability to:

• Capture video and audio at key moments helping manage reputational risk

• Document encounters for training purposes, including transcription

• Reduce body image screenings as members of the public are more likely to cooperate if they know they are being recorded

• Redact video, when appropriate, prior to sharing

Record and secure critical digital evidence due to ability to:

• Capture critical digital evidence during an incident, including from the public

• Limit access to sensitive information

• Securely share when needed (with law enforcement and prosecutors)

• Redact video, when appropriate, before sharing

• Utilize low profile camera using patented garment enclosure

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