Rules-based ecosystem that gives law enforcement officers and first responders real-time situational awareness.  Officers do not need “to hit record button”.

Comprehensive solutions including body cameras, in-vehicle video, automated license plate recognition, interview rooms, digital evidence management, and real time analysis.

<90 days to implement ecosystems and launch digital evidence management platform
for a client.

Services based, subscription business model enables delivery of tremendous price to value benefit.

Excellent client service before, during,
and after implementation,
US based 24 x 7 x 365.

Deliver Efficiency

EOS ตามยูทิลิตี้™

Purpose Built Body Camera Mobile Application

Android Operating System


Gyroscopic Properties

GPS Positioning

Battery Capacity that exceeds 12 Hours

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Communications

High-Definition Audio and Video


Patented Uniform Enclosure/Integration

Activates Recording When Weapon is Drawn

Robust External Mounting Options (Klickfast compatible)

Accessories for more covert recording needs: Point of View Helmet and Lapel Cameras

Recording Activation Triggers include Holster Sensor and Officer Down

Docking Stations for recharging and Video Offload

Video Uploads to POLARIS Digital Evidence Platform for incorporation into cases

POLARIS โดยยูทิลิตี้™

Connect to Digital Evidence Collection Resources and 3rd Party Systems

Access Evidence Files in one place: Videos, Photos, Audio, Texts, Phone, Documents, License Plates, Interview Room Video

No longer spend time and energy going to multiple systems or servers to access needed evidence

User access is cases based upon authorization privileges (Restricted case capability)

Tags, marks and notes can be added

Folder and Sub folder capability enhance case evidence organization

Workflow Management Capability: Notes and Email notification and direct link to file or case

Search and locate specific files and cases in seconds: Username, tags, marks, device, media type, etc.

Redact Videos and Audio – while maintaining the original file and chain of custody: Identify and Track Faces and Objects, Blur when needed, Alter Voice and  Mute Audio

An affordable tool for evidence analysis – accomplishing hours of work in minutes

Transcribe audio and video with one click (System identifies original language, In video closed caption available and time markers)

Search transcriptions by a word or phrase (Audio and video viewable at those points in the file, Analyze and locate words and phrases)

Auto-transcribe all suspect interviews

Simple, Automatic Transcription (Utility generated audio from body camera, and in vehicle cameras, Summarizes audio to accelerate report writing)

Sentiment Analysis (Assesses tone of the conversation, Provides input for gauging officer’s handling of a situation)

Secure links to evidence files can be quickly emailed

Privileges can be assigned

Expiration dates ensure access is limited

Tracked and detailed chain of custody – when and what action(s) taken

Audit trail with exportable chain of custody report

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