You can’t afford a communications breakdown when lives and public safety are at risk. You need total control. You need to know where your people are so you can respond quickly. And they need instant support when the situation demands it. With The Evidence Ecosystem, which includes Rocket by Utility, BodyWorn, Polaris by Utility, Helios by Utility, and EOS, you have the technology and guaranteed support for challenging situations. From a burning house to a traffic crisis to a multi-victim accident. When everything’s on the line, count on Utility.


A quick response is necessary when it comes to electric, gas, water, cable, and telephone. Efficiency means quickly assessing the situation and getting the right people there. Utility’s Ecosystem lets you see where your utility crews are and gives them the real-time information they need to work safely and effectively. Some of the biggest names in utilities enjoy increased safety, reduced costs, faster response times, and greater visibility into field asset locations.


The world is fast; fortunately, Rocket by Utility works faster. Rocket by Utility provides rapid transit commuters a constant connection with quick video uploads, attracting more passengers to your line. It also provides trains, buses, or paratransit fleets better security, GPS tracking, and high-speed connectivity for fare collections and real-time location reporting. And that’s just the beginning.