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Nawfal Filali

Business Manager



Who I am, where I’m from:
My name is Nawfal Filali and I am the Southeast Manager for Utility. I cover FL GA SC AL and MS. Before Utility, I was the FL Rep for GALLS LLC where I made was able to connect with not only FL agencies but spread my network throughout the southeast.

What ties me to my region:
I live in Central Florida, where I have one daughter and my wife. I golf, body build on my off time and also enjoy the beach. I am also a part time Police Officer at the City of Mount Dora.

A bit about myself:
In my previous roles, I served as a squad leader in the military and also provided dignitary protection. Transitioning to law enforcement at the Kissimmee Police Department, I was honored with awards including Officer of the Year and the Life Saving Award for my dedication and service. My tenure at GALLS was marked by success, earning recognition as a Presidents Club winner for ranking among the top five sales performers company-wide.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am also a committed philanthropist, founding two non-profit organizations—one in Orlando and another in Atlanta—to make positive impacts in my communities.

Why should agencies choose Utility, Inc.:
Values: Utility prioritizes transparency, responsiveness, unity, and service orientation.
Inclusive Solution Suite: They offer a comprehensive suite of products for seamless integration.
Cutting-Edge Innovation: Utility provides advanced body-worn camera technology.
Game-Changing Approach: Their innovative evidence management sets them apart.

What inspired me to select a path working in the public safety sector:
As a former Air Force veteran and police officer, the public safety sector feels like home to me. There’s an indescribable satisfaction in helping those I can relate to the most. It’s more than a job—it’s a calling, a commitment to safeguarding our communities and making a positive impact.

What does Transformative Transparency mean to me:
Transformative Transparency is about openness, accountability, and positive change in public safety. It means sharing information openly, owning up to mistakes, and continuously improving. Ultimately, its a commitment to building trust and creating a safer society

Why should you trust Utility:
Why Trust Utility? As an end user of Utility, I can personally vouch for the product. Its seamless interaction with users significantly enhances the interface, sparing law enforcement from additional burdens amidst their already demanding workload. Trust in Utility stems from firsthand experience—a tool that truly understands the needs of those who rely on it

The biggest lesson learned I’d like to share with Public Safety Leaders:
The biggest lesson learned that I'd like to share with public safety leaders is the power of empathy. In the high-pressure world of law enforcement, its easy to become task-oriented, focusing solely on enforcing laws and maintaining order. However, true leadership transcends this.