4G Mobile Appliances

4G LTE Rocket Vehicle Router

Patent pending auto-switching between 3G and 4G.

Our family of Rocket mobile communications appliances provides utility and first responder vehicles with fast and secure broadband Internet, WiFi host connectivity, and a high-speed wireless data client upload capability. Various models of the Rocket Vehicle Router can also connect to the vehicle engine diagnostics port, and read WiFi active RFID tags. More than just a rugged WiFi hot spot, our broadband appliance is a universal communications platform for a vehicle, leveraging one cellular data plan for all vehicle information communications needs.


Mobile Appliance Customers



Learn why Utility's customers have purchased the Rocket Vehicle Router to improve situational awareness, provide broadband communications connectivity to their field crews, and upload 1GB of video data in less than 90 seconds. All this improves response times, accountability, safety, and effectiveness, resulting in a business payback in months.

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Rocket Vehicle Router - Benefits


Use a proven solution.

We understand the operational, safety, service, regulatory and financial challenges that arise from managing field-force workers and mobile assets. Thousands of Rocket Vehicle Router broadband communications appliances are being used by large and small first responders and utilities to support mission-critical business operations every day.

Get reliable situational awareness.

The Rocket Vehicle Router’s internal SirfSTAR III 20-channel GPS chipset provides very accurate location reporting, even under tree canopies and in Manhattan urban canyons. In addition, the Rocket multicasts GPS data over the WiFi host connection to provide real-time location data to any WiFi-enabled device in or around the vehicle. The Rocket Vehicle Router is hard-wired to vehicle power. The vehicle driver does not have to remember to boot up the laptop, logon, or start-up and manage a cellular data connection. The Rocket Vehicle Router is an always-on WiFi hotspot and reports location, engine operating data, and reads active WiFi RFID badges and asset tags whenever the vehicle is operating, and for a set time after the vehicle is turned off with the power timer in the Rocket Locker. In contrast to a laptop, field crews in the vehicle cannot turn it off.

Count on rugged reliability from the inside out.

Mobile appliances have to withstand the hard knocks and harsh conditions in the field. Flimsy plastic, office-based communications gear with a narrow temperature operating range and a DC converter won’t work reliably in a vehicle. Our solid-state MIL-STD-810F certified appliance provides reliable communications in all field operating environments—from the first call to the last.

Make blazing-fast video uploads.

The Rocket Vehicle Router appliance in the vehicle in a parking lot—communicating wirelessly with the Utility Rocket Access Point—can upload 1GB of video data in less than two minutes from multiple vehicles, while maintaining a secure chain of custody. Fast data uploading gets officers and field crews back on the street doing the work they were hired to do. Eliminate the “Million Dollar Parking Lot” where vehicles sit around waiting for data uploads to complete.

Handle discreet trouble alerts.

Emotions run high during emergencies and unexpected events. An officer or field crew member reaching for the radio mike on his shoulder is often a conflict trigger for a hostile person. Give your officers and field crews a keychain RFID key fob with a panic button as a discreet alternative way to call for backup. When a customer is using our AVaiL mapping software, an audible alarm sounds and every Dispatcher workstation zooms and centers on the location of the alert. An audit trail entry must be entered to clear the alarm. 

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Rocket Vehicle Router - Technical Specs


4G Cellular Data Mobility

  • Support 4G for all cellular carriers and technologies through standard USB data modems
    • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon
    • GSM, 3G CDMA, HSDA, 4G LTE
    • Patent pending auto-switching between 3G and 4G.
  • Automatic switching between authorized wireless access points and your cell carrier data network
  • GPS, RFID tag and vehicle diagnostic data uploaded automatically
  • Rocket Configuration Management (RCM) and firmware updates for the Rocket appliance - even if the Rocket is not powered up
  • Optional cellular booster provides connectivity to cell towers up to 30 miles away, filling in coverage gaps and increasing communications reliability


4G LTE Rocket Vehicle Router

Satellite Data Integration

  • Automated Cellular/Galaxy 1 Satellite BGAN data switching with least cost routing
  • Provides reliable coverage across all of the US, Canada, and Mexico, as well as all around the world
  • Minimial data communications cost


Galaxy 1 Vehicle Satellite Data Terminal


Vehicle Telematics, Diagnostics, and RFID active tag reading

  • OBDII/CAN/J-BUS vehicle diagnostics with the optional vehicle engine computer interface cable
  • Report trouble codes and engine operating parameters
  • Report electronic odometer and PTO operating hour readings
  • RFID tag reader for optional active WiFi RFID ID badges, key fobs with panic buttons, and asset tags
  • Supervisors and Dispatchers have real-time vehicle operating data and alerts, know what people and assets are in and around a vehicle, and know where an asset was located when last reported.


Vehicle Area Network WiFi

  • 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n WiFi hotspot
  • Optional ultra high speed data upload- 1GB in 90 seconds
  • Customized high-speed access point with automatic load balancing
  • Supports Tablets and iPads as well as laptops in and around the vehicle




  • SiRFstar III GPS chipset
  • GPS multicast over WiFi for local virtual COM port reporting
  • Event-based GPS reporting provides an actual route of vehicle travel 





  • Operating temperatures: -30C to +60C
  • Operating humidity: 0%~95%
  • MIL STD 810F temperature and vibration certification
  • EN 55011: 1998 +A1:1999 +A2:2002
  • EN 61000-4-2: 1995 +A1:1998
  • EN 61000-4-3: 2002
  • EN 61000-4-4: 2004 EN


Physical Characteristics 

  • USB Type A/RJ-45 100MB PoE/serial port connections
  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Rocket Locker vehicle lockbox mount with key control
  • Protective/locking USB modem cover
  • Dimensions: 12”(L) x 8” (H) x2”(W)


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Tracker Benefits


Wireless Mobility

Discreet and easily installed, the wireless Tracker appliance is one of the most cost-effective tools for mobile resource management. Simply plug the Tracker appliance Y cable into a standard vehicle OBDII port, tuck the Tracker out of site, and have event-based location reporting for field operations immediately. No separate antenna installation or power connection is required – it just works.


Leverage GPS data to the max.

With a highly sensitive GPS chipset along with an integrated GPS antenna, get comprehensive event-based reporting of current location, and the data for accurate breadcrumb trail reporting of vehicle location history.


Create a dynamic view of fleet operations.

Combine Rocket Vehicle Router and Tracker appliance data into one dynamic, scalable map-based view of all vehicles in your fleet. Monitor location status and provide comprehensive vehicle location history.


Enable Mutual Aid.

Responding to major emergencies and service outages often involves multiple organizations and agencies. Your front-line teams can easily share vehicle location data with other Mutual Aid partners. See your Mutual Aid partner vehicles on the map-based view along with your own vehicles. Each customer has full control over when and how much fleet information they share with their Mutual Aid partners.

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Tracker Technical Specs


Tap into easy-to-manage technology that “just works”. 

Utility continually develops reliable products and services that help utilities and first responders address mobile resource management challenges in practical, cost-effective ways. Our technology just works—and won’t create additional technical challenges on top of the operational challenges your enterprise already faces.


Network Functionality

  • Auto-register to GPRS network
  • GPRS Class B, Multi-slot 10
  • Supports TCP, UDP and FTP

GPS Specifications

  • 16-channel receiver
  • -158dBm receiver sensitivity
  • <38-second cold start
  • <3-second hot start

Physical Specifications

  • Weight: <2 ounces
  • ABS plastic case
  • Operating temperatures: -30C to +75C 
  • Dimensions: 1.8”(L)x1.5”(H)x1”(W)

Power Requirements

  • DC power – 6-18V
  • Power obtained from the vehicle OBDII port – no separate power wiring is required
  • GSM 850 – 35mA average@12V
  • GSM 1900 – 30mA average@12V

Physical Connection

  • J1962 OBD connector
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Integrated, dual-band cellular antenna
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